Apple and Black Glove 2020

First t-shirt offered by Polychronic and I am pleased to say its a 4 color screen print beaut that made it to the cover of the New York issue of Aperture! Below is the back story of how it came to be. 
The “Apple and Black Glove” was shot in October 17th 2020 in Rockaway Beach, NY.I got the apple at the Edgemere Farmers Market on the bayside of 72nd.  It has been and is really the only place to get produce and meat that isn’t a chain grocery. They almost always have something that is so ridiculously photogenic that I have to buy it for that reason alone.  The market is also known as strict place where one may only buy one pound of chicken thighs and covid rules are enforced with gusto. That includes wearing gloves.  They are laid out on a table as you enter the market so there is NO EXCUSE! For not wearing them. After leaving the market I realized I still had the gloves on.  Then decided hey these are kinda cool.  Defiantly cooler than the blue ones.  After I got home and unpacked this Apple with its nub of branch still attached was essentially ready for it close up.  

100% Longsleeve cotton shirt
with 4 color screen print