Slime Time 2020 Edition


Polychronic Slime Time 2020 Tombstone and Moldy Peach Edition is a 22” × 17” digital pigment print. The background image is a photograph of a charcoal tombstone rubbing from a cemetery in Martha’s Vineyard made by my son August in August. The last year on earth for this Vineyarder and “Lover of Hofpitality” was 1733.  Foreground image is a moldy peach from an over-abundant peach tree in upstate New York, also shot in August. The outline or “kiss cut” as its called in sticker lingo on the Moldy Peach is from the Slime Time sticker page. 

22” x 17”
Digital Pigment Print on 330gsm Archival Hot Press paper
Edition of 100
Back Signed & Numbered